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Powered by CrystalLive

CrystalLive is Samsung’s up-to-date ultrasound imaging engine with enhanced 2D image processing, 3D rendering and color signal processing, to offer outstanding image performance and efficient workflow during complex cases.


A semi-automatic technology for biometric measurement, BiometryAssist, enables users to measure the growth of the fetus more quickly and with greater accuracy while maintaining exam consistency.

Samsung’s commitment to life-long healthcare for Women

To overcome the challenges women face and prepare for a better future, Samsung has put together its 30 years of experience in diagnostic solutions and capabilities in ultrasound imaging. The Crystal Clear Cycle is Samsung's commitment to life-long healthcare for Women. Crystal Clear Cycle ,an integrated solution for women’s health issues,categorizes the most signification health events for women into six stages, and provides diagnostic solutions tailored to each stage.

Family PlanningSimple screening for risk of infertility

2D Follicle

2D Follicle is a function to measure the size of follicles based on 2D image and to provide information about the status during controlled ovarian simulation.

5D Follicle

5D Follicle identifies and measures multiple ovarian follicles for rapidassessment of follicular size and status during gynecology examinations.

Healthy Pregnancy BiometryIntuitive fetal biometry measurements


Users no longer need to put effort and time into routine fetal biometry such as HC, BPD, AC, and FL. A semi-automatic technology for biometric measurement, Biometry Assist, enables users to measure the growth of the fetus more quickly and with greater accuracy while maintaining exam consistency.

Biometry Assist™ Biometry Assist™ Biometry Assist™

Healthy Pregnancy DiagnosisEnhanced diagnostic confidence

Nuchal translucency Nuchal translucency Nuchal translucency


With Samsung's 5D NT , operator dependency can be reduced for the first trimester fetal nuchal translucency (NT) measurement. 5D NT allows the user to obtain the true mid-sagittal plane automatically by rotating and auto-zooming the image. This advanced technology is especially useful when facing difficult cases involving fetal position.

Healthy Pregnancy VisualizationInnovative fetal assessment


RealisticVue displays high resolution 3D anatomy with exceptional detail and realistic depth perception.User selectable light source direction creates intricately graduated shadows for better defined anatomical structures.

RealisticVue™ RealisticVue™ RealisticVue™

Healthy BirthEffective communication and decision


LaborAssist™ is a function that provides information of the progress of delivery by the automatic measurement of AoP (Angle of Progress) and the direction of the fetal head. This not only helps in effective communication between the healthcare professionals and mothers, but also assists in making delivery decision for the healthcare professionals.

  • * AoP complies with the metrics specified in the ISUOG Guidline.

LaborAssist Video

  • * The video included in LaborAssist is only for communication purposes

Gynecology &Breast HealthAdvanced Intelligence for Reliable Assessment

S-Detect for Breast

The feature, which analyzes selected lesions in the breast ultrasound study and shows the analysis data, applies BI-RADS ATLAS* (Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System, Atlas) to provide standardized reporting; and helps diagnosis with the streamlined workflow.

  • * It is a registered trademark of ACR and all rights reserved by ACR.

Highly detailed images through innovation

Samsung's innovative imaging technologies and S-Vue transducers provide highly detailed images to increase diagnostic confidence

S-Vue transducers

The higher sensitivity and broader bandwidth of the S-Vue transducers help to achieve deep penetration and high resolution.

  • * The image is for illustrational purposes only and might differ from the actual performance of the device
S-Vue transducer  Sample
S-Vue transducer Sample S-Vue transducer Sample S-Vue transducer Sample

The noise reduction filter improves edge enhancement and creates sharper 2D images for optimal diagnostic performance. The integration of specialized Samsung technology results in a notable improvement in image quality. In addition, ClearVision provides application-specific optimization and advanced temporal resolution in live scan mode.

* The asterisk on this page is the clinical images acquired by the HS50 V1.00 ultrasound system.


LumiFlow is a function that visualizes blood flow in three dimensional-like to help understand the structure of blood flow and small vessels intuitively.

HelloMom Simple transfer of fetal ultrasound images and clips

HelloMom is a simple and secure image sharing solution by generating QR code for the selected fetal images. Pregnant women and family are capable of downloading images of fetus by scanning on the QR code using smartphone, reducing the hassle of installing a separate application.

User-oriented features that streamline your workflow

A busy practice needs user-oriented features to manage routine obstetric and gynecological exams.Accurate and easy-to-use, HS50's comprehensive features enable greater throughput.

Build predefined protocols for streamlined process

EzExam+™ assign protocols for examinations that are regularly performed in the hospital
in order to reduce the number of steps that you have to go through.

Compare previous and current exam in a side-by-side display

EzCompare™ automatically matches the image settings, annotations,
and bodymarkers from the prior study.

Magnify the region of interest
in a picture-in-picture window

When placing a caliper, Measure Navigation automatically magnifies the area of interest using a picture-in-picture window to allow more precise placement of the calipers. This is especially useful when measuring small structures or when accuracy is critical.

Select transducer and preset combinations in one click

QuickPreset allows the user to select the most common transducer and preset combinations in one click.

View images in wider screen

WideScreen provides approximately 27% more lateral viewing information compared to normal screen, allowing ultrasonic examination with wider view at a glance.

1 Gel Warmer

Two-level adjustable gel warmer maintains ultrasound gel at a comfortable temperature.

2 Solid State Drive (SSD)

The HS50 advanced solid drives. These stable and dependable drives allow faster bootup, better frame rates, and fast processing speeds.

3 Use the system when AC power is temporary unavailable

BatteryAssist™ provides battery power to the system, enabling users to perform scans when AC power is temporarily unavailable. It also allows to transport the ultrasound system to another location and start to scan right away.

4 Clever use of space

With its reduced weight and compact size, the HS50 takes up minimal space and can move freely. In addition, its streamlined rear profile allows you to park the HS50 in small spaces.

Secure Your Care

Samsung Healthcare Cybersecurity

  • Intrusion Prevention

    Tools for protecting against cyber threats from external attacks

  • Access Control

    Strengthened surveillance for tracking the access of patient information

  • Data Protection

    Encryption functions for safeguarding data whether at-rest or in-transit

  • This product, along with its various features, options and transducers, is not currently availa ble in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons, its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local sales network for further details.
  • S-Vue is the name of Samsung's advanced transducer technology.
  • Optical Disk Drive is not available for this product.

The described product information, including features and options, is CE marked. Regulatory approval/clearance status may vary by country. CE 0123