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Value-up Package 2022
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[GM85 FIT] FIT Your Needs
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[Tutorial] V8 Hands-on, Dr. Julia Aland
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What's New

01 Samsung Introduces New Mobile Digital Radiography Device, the GM85 Fit

The GM85 Fit was engineered to enhance workflow and improve diagnosis through advanced technology and novel design Boston Imaging,

02 Improving Diagnostic Confidence in Pediatric Ultrasound

Samsung ultrasound systems for pediatrics are designed to quickly and accurately diagnose…

03 Usefulness of ‘on-device’
CAD for mobile chest
radiography in emergen...

For a couple of years, the
pandemic for infectious diseases
by COVID-19 has still been on going,

04 The technical usefulness of RealisticVue™ and CrystalVue™ for the advanced assessment of the fetal anatomy

Using CrystalVue™ & RealisticVue™ to obtain additional details about the co-locations and co-adjacencies of the anatomical areas of concern,


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