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Services Offerings

Explore the services we offer to help provide top-quality healthcare.

Samsung offers a comprehensive set of integrated, cross-functional business offerings to deliver the following benefits:

  • Imperatives Light Key Offerings Repair services Customer support Benefits
    Easier to understand
    Maintain business continuity while dealing with accidents and other unforeseen incidents using professional Repair Services.
  • Imperatives Value Key Offerings Spare parts Uptime guarantee Benefits
    Faster and always on
    Give health professionals control, putting people at the center for an enhanced patient experience
  • Imperatives Smart Key Offerings Optional services Customizable solutions Benefits
    Reduce costs
    Reduce maintenance costs by depending on optional services tailored to individual product lines.

Reduce downtime and enhance operations

About Samsung

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in technology, opening new possibilities for people everywhere.
Through relentless innovation and discovery, we are transforming the world of TVs, smartphones, tablets, PCs, cameras, home appliances, printers, LTE systems, medical devices, semiconductors and LED solutions. We employ 286,000 people across 80 countries with annual sales of US$216.7 billion. To discover more, please visit

Why Samsung S-Care Pack?

As businesses invest in increasingly sophisticated technology, keeping that technology and the employees who use it operating at their best becomes an extraordinary challenge. Samsung S-Care pack helps your business meet that challenge with trained, professional Samsung repair and support personnel. When an accident or other unforeseen incident damages equipment or solutions, Repair Services stand ready to help maintain business continuity.
S-Care pack customers can reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity by having Samsung technicians assume support tasks that leverage their deep knowledge of Samsung Product. Customer Support can include performing upgrades to keep technology current, and more. Optional Services can be tailored to the requirements of the specific Samsung Product that your business needs. In addition, Samsung service offerings give you the flexibility you need to choose the protection that is right for you. Samsung S- Care Pack can deliver the innovative services and support that your company needs to optimize your investments in Samsung hardware, software and solutions.

Management ideology

Service Value

Samsung Service increases operational efficiency and throughput rate with fast, systematic service and advanced technical support. The service also supports clients’ growth and business innovation by sharing best practices with service engineers in 207 countries worldwide.
To accomplish this, Samsung Service continually develops and offers a variety of customer service programs, such as Warranty Extension and Managed Service.


Samsung S- Care Pack maintains business continuity and reduces risks from unforeseen incidents.
Bolster business continuity with repair services for hardware, software or solutions and response times as short as soon as possible.

  • Improve productivity with up to 24x7 customer support tailored to your company’s needs
  • Reduce maintenance costs with a range of optional services that include various service conditions

Protect valuabletechnology investmentswith trained and certified assistance

Businesses of all types need proactive protection from unforeseen damage to their significant investments in hardware, software and solutions.
Samsung S-Care pack offers a range of managed service with various provisions that help businesses optimize their use of technology and prepare for the unexpected. S-Care includes Repair Services, Customer Support, optional Services.

Select a service package from the Samsung S- Care Pack portfolio to gain the following benefits:

  • Business continuity. Maintain business continuity while dealing with accidents and other unforeseen incidents using professional Repair Services.
  • Ongoing support. Keep technology operating at peak efficiency with regular Support.
  • Cost efficiency. Reduce maintenance costs by Depending on optional services tailored to individual product lines.

Maintenance Solutions

24/7, 365 days per year* RMS (Remote Maintenance System)
This system enables continuous monitoring of system errors, auto-diagnosis of the system and software version.

  • 24/7 call center : The customer support center operates 24/7, 365 days a year to quickly respond to clients’ problems.
  • Upgrade service : Samsung helps clients use the latest Product through optional detector upgrades, along with hardware and software upgrades.
  • Service offering : Samsung offers clients the flexibility to choose service support by allowing them to select the coverage to meet their unique requirements.

* Managed service availability may vary by country.

Performance Solutions

RMS The Main Focus Is On The Patient Topmost uptime Samsung realizes it is important to enable our customer to take care of the patients, not their medical Product. So Samsung has developed a state-of-the-art RMS (Remote Maintenance System) with secure remote access. Through real-time monitoring and remote diagnosis, the fastest solution will be found, providing maximum uptime and performance. Effective diagnostic monitoring and analysis helps keep the system operating at its best and preventing a technical problem in advance Proactive Maintenance Prediction of future problems can become possible with RMS. System errors or warnings are monitored on a real-time basis and can be analyzed to predict technical problems which may occur with the user’s medical equipment. When problematic situations are detected, service engineers will make a preventive maintenance visit to the site, bringing parts that would be necessary to solve the problem. Fast uptime is possible when the service engineers are aware of the site’s situation from the remote diagnosis. Your equipment is safe from hacking or viruses through a virtual tunnel and patient information is secure.

Choose fromfour levels of service packages

Select a customized service package to match your organization’s needs. From basic to the most comprehensive services for each service category, Samsung S-Care Pack offers four service packages to meet your individual business needs. Each service package has specific offerings.

From installation and a dedicated hotline, to cost-saving Samsung service packages offer what you need to keep your medical equipment running. You can request a dedicated repair person to perform regular maintenance and call on Samsung professionals for technical issue.

Learn more about how our managed equipment services could benefit your organization.