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PRESS RELEASE 2021.10.20

Samsung Introduces New High-End Ultrasound System 'V8'
Samsung Medison, a global medical equipment company and an affiliate of Samsung Electronics, today introduced the V8, a new high-end ultrasound system that provides enhanced image quality, usability a

NEWS 2021.09.17

Collaborate with VUNO Inks to Embed AI-powered Algorithms
VUNO Med®-Chest X-ray™ accurately and instantly detects and flags suspected chest abnormalities indicative of major pulmonary diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, lung cancer based on five of

PRESS RELEASE 2021.08.12

The NerveTrack™ solution received FDA clearance
Samsung Medison and Intel are collaborating on NerveTrack™, a real-time nerve tracking ultrasound feature that helps anesthesiologists identify nerves in a patient’s arm to help administer anesthesia

NEWS 2020.07.23

LaborAssist™ and BiometryAssist™ Powered by Intel® Technology
  Fast, accurate obstetric ultrasound measurement powered by Intel technology BiometryAssist™ and LaborAssist™ help clinicians to better understand and assess patient needs faster, with fewer in

NEWS 2020.07.20

Samsung Medison obtains the intensified CE MDR 10 Months prior to its effective date
 Samsung Medison has currently obtained the so called MDR (Medical Devices Regulation), which is a new strict regulation for medical devices in Europe in regards to their qualities and safeties.