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Portable CT

Revolutionary mobile 16-slice CT scanner delivers the highest quality non-contrast, CT angiography, and CT perfusion scans at the patients' bedside.

Ergonomic Design

Bold, beautiful, and small enough to move through an ICU with ease. The beacon light ring not only visually tells the user of the system’s status, but can be customized to change color during transport. Self-healing covers help keep OmniTom® picture perfect over time. Made from the ground up with the single user in mind. Let OmniTom® shoulder the weight with strategically placed attachment points for all accessories.

Ergonomic Design image Ergonomic Design image Ergonomic Design image

Improved workflow

omnitom® delivers high quality care to different needs in a wide range of circumstances.

Ergonomic Design image Ergonomic Design image Ergonomic Design image Operating room
Operating room

“Intraoperative portable-head CT leads to change in operative plans in 32% of selected cases. This potentially avoids return to lesions in need of additional intervention. The operating room and can diagnose or rule out remote The portable configuration allows for increased versatility and cost-effectiveness compared to fixed systems.”

Ergonomic Design image Ergonomic Design image Ergonomic Design image Critical Care
Critical Care

“Clearly, the ability to image patients at their point-of-care in the ICU will facilitate rapid clinical decision-making and reduce the risks associated with transport by reducing staff and time requirement for transport, the portable scanner may achieve annual cost savings of $162,512. Equally as significant, having a scanner dedicated for ICU patients allows for the conventional scanner to perform an additional 1182 outpatient studies each year. ”

Ergonomic Design image Ergonomic Design image Ergonomic Design image Critical Care
Critical Care

After our preliminary experience, we suggest performing iCT in all cases of acute brain trauma needing surgical decompression or hematoma evacuation to rule out postoperative complications such as diffuse brain edema, newly occurring hemorrhages or hematomas, acute hydrocephalus etc. Rapid radiological evaluation of any pathological condition can be done directly in the OR this way, permitting prompt action and avoiding severe consequences.

Ergonomic Design image Ergonomic Design image Ergonomic Design image Pediatric ICU
Pediatric ICU

“Two-thirds of CT scans obtained in the PICU were portable because of patients’ intensity of therapy and illness severity. Portable CT showed major new pathology in greater than 1/3 and led to a change in management in 1/4 of higher acuity patients scanned. The estimated radiation dose from portable CT is within the current national guidelines.

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Superior Image Quality

OmniTom® delivers enhanced image contrast andsharpness through advanced noise reduction and metal artifact reduction.

S-Detect™ for Thyroid Sample S-Detect™ for Thyroid Sample S-Detect™ for Thyroid Sample
  • · 56 CTDI
  • · 2 Second Rotation
  • · 35 mA
  • · 120 kV
  • · Axial Acquisition
  • · 625 x 5mm AVG
  • · Noise Reduction (Off)
S-Detect™ for Thyroid Sample S-Detect™ for Thyroid Sample S-Detect™ for Thyroid Sample
  • · 40 CTDI
  • · 2 Second Rotation
  • · 25 mA
  • · 120 kV
  • · Axial Acquisition
  • · 625 x 5mm AVG
  • · Noise Reduction (On)
CT Angiography and CT Perfusion

Perform CT angiography and CT perfusion at the bedside.Automatic bolus tracking and contrast injector triggering maximize workflow efficiency.

Advanced reconstruction

Fully featured advanced reconstruction for 3D and multiplanar reconstruction, mean slab, maximum/minimum intensity projection, and oblique datasets. Artifact corrections can be added to the primaryreconstruction, including noise reduction, IDR, DDR, and windmill artifact reduction. Automatic performance of post reconstructions with the ability to perform metal artifact reduction.

Highly advanced N-DAS detectors

The highly advanced N-DAS detectors are the first designed forpoint-of-care CT where the electronic noise is lower than photonic noise. N-DAS has been combined with a 24-bit processing chain that never compresses the data leading to clearer images with ultimately low artificial noise.

Enhanced Safety System

Radiation safety for patients

OmniTom® exceeds the American College of Radiology’s recommended guidelines for Computed Tomography Dose Index (CTDI). It is compliant with NEMA XR-29 and MITA Smart Dose, offering radiation dose structured reporting, pediatric & adult reference protocols, CT dose check, and automatic exposure control.

S-Detect™ for Thyroid Sample S-Detect™ for Thyroid Sample S-Detect™ for Thyroid Sample
Smart sensing collision avoidance

The S-Alert smart sensor system warns the user visually and audibly of upcoming obstacles, allowing the user to avoid incident. Visual cues alert the user and surrounding staff of when a scan is starting and when X-rays are being produced.

Radiation safety for staffs

According to the ALARA standard 500mRem/year per operator, and using a typical brain scan protocol at a distance of 2 meters (6 feet) from the OmniTom®’s isocenter, your operator can perform over 26 scans per day, for 250 days per year without any additional lead protection. The OmniTom® covers are internally coated with 0.5mm laminated lead providing maximum scatter reduction. In addition, three externally mounted 0.5mm Starlite® curtains (two front, one back) provide added shielding to the gantry.

The described product information, including features and options, is CE marked. Regulatory approval/clearance status may vary by country.

Detector CE Declaration of conformity