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Changes Start from Small Steps

To take a step towards a better future together,
let’s make small yet meaningful changes every day.

Recycled materials For Ultrasound System

Product packaging made out of recycled papers instead of plastics

114 fewer tons of plastic usage
(From 2020 Apr. to 2023. Oct.)

* Ultrasound system V7 won the Korea Packaging Technology Society Award at the 16th Korea Packaging Competition (by Korea Star Awards, June 2022)

* Ultrasound system V7 was selected as Korea’s Green Product of the Year 2022 (by Korea Green Purchasing Network, August 2022)

Product parts and packaging straps made out of recycled materials

Recycled materials(resin pellets) are utilized in creating the air vent cover* and the packaging straps** when boxing the system.

* Air vent cover: recycled amount 0% → 10%

** Packaging straps: recycled amount 10% → 50%

Reduce the plastic usage on products

Our mission is to reduce the plastic usage on products by making the body of ultrasound system smaller, bringing positive effect in the environment.
The size of the system body has been eventually reduced by 53%.

For AccE GM85 & GC85A

Efforts to reduce plastics in product packaging

EPE foams in the entire package of AccE GM85 has been replaced by recycled paper.

* Comparison of the EPE foam amount of GM85 packaging (265g→0g)
The product packaging of GC85A collimator and detector is replaced from EPP cushion to corrugated cardboard.

Energy Efficiency With AccE GM85

High energy efficiency with lithium-ion battery

We replaced lead-acid battery in system with lithium-ion battery*.
The upgraded lithium-ion battery offers 54% longer operating time** than conventional GM85 on a single charge.

* Test Condition : GM85 Chest AP / 80 kVp / 250 mA / 5 msec / 60 sec intervals, with driving at 5.6km/h
** Conventional GM60 : Lead-acid battery / GM85: Lithium-ion battery